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British Hog Roasts
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British Hog Roasts

high-quality, succulent hog roasts

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British Hog Roasts, weddings, corporate gatherings, birthdays and more

British Hog Roasts is a premier catering service that brings a unique dining experience to every occasion. Headed by Steven Brosnan, our service prides itself on delivering high-quality, succulent hog roasts cooked to perfection. Our comprehensive service includes the chef (myself), cooking, serving, and clean-up, ensuring that every aspect of your meal is handled professionally. We use only the freshest ingredients to provide a meal that not only satisfies but also enhances your event.

We cater to a wide variety of events including weddings, corporate gatherings, birthdays, and more, with a flexibility to accommodate the specific culinary needs of each client. Whether it’s a formal dinner requiring porcelain plates and stainless-steel cutlery, or a more casual affair with eco-friendly disposables, we tailor our services to match the theme and style of your event. With British Hog Roasts, you’re not just getting a meal; you’re adding an element of spectacle and tradition to your celebration.


We serve London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and Oxfordshire areas.

We arrive roughly one hour before service. The hog roast will be cooked and ready to serve at your requested service time.

Please see an example below of what the schedule might look like: 1 hour before service Arrive I will arrive an hour before service. If you could make yourself available to briefly greet me and let me know where you would like to set up. Once I know where you would like me to set up you can carry on hosting and enjoying your party! Please do ensure the area for serving is clear and easy to access before I arrive as this will have minimal disruption for your guests. 40 minutes before service Photos At this point I should be mostly set up; this is an opportunity for you and your guests to take photos of the hog roast. 30 minutes before service Pre-carve Roughly 30 minutes before service I will begin to pre-carve the hog roast, this ensures guests will have a minimal waiting time when serving. SERVICE Serve SERVICE. An announcement can be made by the host(s) informing guests that the hog roast is now being served. 1 hour after service Pack away Roughly 1 hour after first service, guests would have normally had their fill (and maybe some seconds too!), I will then begin to pack away. If you could provide 2/3 large chafing dishes/ oven trays/ or large containers should you have any leftovers that you may like to share with your guests throughout the evening or keep to yourself! 2 hours after service Leave I should be packed and ready to go by this point and you will be free to enjoy the rest of your evening.

This can change depending on guest numbers but on average it takes a minimum of an hour to serve all guests from first service.

We serve our food in a buffet style. We have a serving table where your guests can collect their plates and rolls along with any cutlery and sides. I will then serve your guests ensuring a smooth flow without the lengthy waiting times. I normally pre-carve the hog ready for service time, this ensures an even quicker service for your hungry guests! If you would like to display the hog as much as possible, please let me know when booking your hog roast, I can then carve and serve for each guest individually.

We are with you for roughly 3 hours from when we first arrive. This includes setting up, serving and packing away.

Our hogs can take anywhere from 7-9 hours to cook. The hog will be cooked by the time we arrive.

No. Our hog roasting machine is powered by gas and we have battery powered lights.

We only need an area of 3m x 3m (roughly the size of a regular gazebo) and we can organise the serving table and roasting machine to however suits your needs.

I can leave you with any leftovers which you may wish to share or keep to yourselves! If you could provide at least 2/3 large chafing dishes/oven trays/or large containers so that you can easily take away anything that’s left. I can take away and dispose of any unwanted extras.

We recommend booking our services as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Our calendars are digital and online, allowing you to reserve a date well ahead of time. However, please note that availability is subject to existing bookings and our schedule may fill up quickly during peak seasons.

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