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Michelle Park Celebrant

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  • Yorkshire

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Wedding Celebrant Yorkshire – Michelle Park

Michelle is a light-hearted, friendly and empathetic wedding celebrant who would be privileged to tell your love story.

Hi, I’m Michelle – I’m a wife, mother and a wedding enthusiast! I love my family and friends ardently. I use my caring and compassionate nature to encourage and guide you; to think beyond the limitations of a standard,’run of the mill,’ wedding ceremony and tap into your own creativity.

Do you want a wedding ceremony which captivates your friends and family so they’ll be talking about it for years to come?

Do you want to celebrate your love and everything you have been through together, in a way which is completely authentic to you?

Do you want to express your hopes, dreams and visions for the future as a married couple in front of your loved ones?

If the answer is yes, then I can help. It doesn’t have to be a large, lavish affair and I still enjoy incorporating some more traditional elements into the ceremony such as ring exchange, vows and signing a wedding certificate. Put simply, I just LOVE curating beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies which are completely unique to your and your individual tastes and styles. Through a gentle, kind and nurturing approach, I encourage you to celebrate all the complexities of your love-story.

I’m based in West Yorkshire and will travel wherever I’m needed. My services include a no-obligations, discovery call to find out what kind of wedding ceremony you’d prefer. Through a series of zoom chats, phone calls or face to face meets we can get to know one another; you’ll complete a simple questionnaire and I’ll begin to curate your wedding ceremony through a fully collaborative process.

Please do check out my website where you can read my latest blogs on everything from dealing with your ceremony nerves, inspiring symbolic rituals and detailed reviews of some of my favourite wedding venues. You can also find out what kind of package I offer and discover more on how my services work.

I really am humbled by every love story I hear and recognise what a total honour it is to be able to communicate this on your wedding day. So if you are looking for a Wedding Celebrant Yorkshire, please get in touch and say hello, I can’t WAIT to hear from you.

Yorkshire Wedding Celebrant, Michelle Park Celebrant posing officiating a ceremony


An independent wedding celebrant can perform wedding ceremonies for couples of any faith or religion or inter-faith weddings. We are not affiliated with any particular religion. However, we can include some religious content or religious rituals, acts of prayer or acts of worship, as requested by the couple. We can also officiate for non-religious couples and provide ceremonies with no religious content at all. There is no restriction in terms of style and content for an independent wedding celebrant. We curate bespoke, personalised and completely unique wedding ceremonies for each couple to suit their values, beliefs and interests. We can also provide guidance and support to the couple throughout the wedding planning process, including help with writing and editing vows, selecting readings and music, and coordinating with other wedding vendors.

The simple answer is yes! In your favourite stately home, on your favourite beach or even in your back garden. The possibilities are endless. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony can take place wherever feels personal to you. There are no limitations in terms of licensing. The location of your choice does not need a wedding license for celebrant-led wedding ceremonies to take place there. The flexibility of using an independent wedding celebrant means that you can create a wedding ceremony that is unique and personalised to your tastes and preferences. The possibilities are endless.


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