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Olde Era Events – Medieval Wedding Entertainment

“Step into the captivating world we have crafted, where history thrives, and fantasy comes to life”

ARCHERY, AXE THROWING, medieval tavern hire,  and so much more..

Medival Tavern Hire, Bars and Alehouses for your Medieval Wedding or Event!

Prepare to be transported to a realm of pure fantasy when you choose to host your event at one of our exquisite taverns or alehouses. We specialize in immersing you and your guests in a world that’s typically reserved for television screens and dreams. For a single day, you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern life and embark on an authentic journey into an unforgettable experience. Let us craft a truly magical escape that will leave a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to join you.

Medieval Wedding Entertainment. Tavern set up for wedding in field.

Step into a world of enchantment with our mobile medieval tavern, lovingly handcrafted from oak using traditional carpentry techniques. This exquisite creation, a true marvel of craftsmanship, offers an awe-inspiring experience for your event. It effortlessly accommodates up to 80 seated guests or 100 standing, promising a magical atmosphere.

Our tavern boasts a fully licensed bar and a staff dressed in themed attire, transporting you to a fantasy realm. The best part? You can customize the tavern’s name to perfectly fit your chosen theme, adding a personal touch to your event.

Versatile and adaptable, this mobile tavern can also transform into a bustling market trader hall, making it a multi-purpose marvel. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a grand feast, or an immersive fantasy event, our mobile oak tavern brings the wow factor, ensuring unforgettable memories for all who enter.

Medieval Tent Hire for your wedding or event!

We have a range of historically accurate Burgundian and pavillion tents for hire and our large Burgundian tent can be transformed into a medieval bar. Perfect for those smaller events or if you’re on a budget.

Available for weddings, civil ceremonies, fayres and festivals, re-enactment shows, historical events, corporate, stag and hen parties, private events, television & film

Medieval Wedding Celebrants

If you’re envisioning a medieval-themed wedding, you’ve come to the perfect destination. At Olde Era Events, we boast a team of licensed celebrants who are poised to orchestrate the fantasy wedding you’ve always dreamed of.



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