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Photography with VJ


My name is Vj and I am married to an amazing wife and we have the pleasure of raising our two daughters together. Every moment with them is magical so any time away has to be well worth it! Fortunately for me, my passion for photography means I get to do what I love!

My photography focuses on capturing the emotion, atmosphere and interactions during the celebrations. I achieve this by capturing those natural moments of people enjoying themselves and having fun. This allows me to capture those big celebratory moments but also the more intimate moments between guests such that each image is unique.

So if you need a photographer for your event and willing to give someone new to the business a go, I’m your man!


As long as you want! Although the minimum number of hours 3.

The average time is around 3-4 weeks for a wedding day. Shorter celebrations can be quicker.

Nope! i’d be delighted to shoot any pre-wedding celebrations or festivities you have.

My shooting style is natural and candid, therefore, I only edit photos only where necessary, or whether i think the image needs a little enhancing.


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