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Revilo Twist Magic

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  • Northamptonshire

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Go Book It proudly present…

Northamptonshire Based Wedding Magician!

Revilo Twist doesn’t just perform wedding magic, he creates unforgettable wedding entertainment and experiences that bring people together.

Weddings often unite families and friends who might be meeting for the first time, and with Revilo Twist, any initial tension simply melts away, making the atmosphere more enjoyable and relaxed, as if by magic!

His warming personality assists him to be the perfect icebreaker, effortlessly connecting both families and all your friends. He guarantees to have everyone laughing, chatting, and, most importantly, having a blast!

Allow him to not only put your mind at ease on your special day, but remove those slower moments and ensure that your wedding day is an absolute hit that everyone remembers (and not because you split your trousers before the first dance).

The Drinks Reception
Revilo Twist transforms the photo-taking and canapé/bubble moments into an absolute whirlwind of fun and amazement. He provides the perfect wedding entertainment that will leave your guests remembering your wedding day forever!

The Wedding Breakfast
Revilo Twist is the essential ingredient for your wedding meal. His magic and wedding entertainment not only elevate the dining experience but avoid any lulls between courses, ensuring continuous excitement for your guests.

The Turnaround
Revilo Twist is like the cherry on top during those in-between moments. When tables are being cleared, and people are just chatting, he’s the surprise guest who turns your event into a magical, unforgettable experience!

The Evening Reception
After the first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss, having a magician like Revilo Twist is your ticket to the best party ever. He knows how to get the party started with magic, laughter, and moments that will be talked about for years to come!

Why should you hire Revilo Twist Magic as your Wedding Magician?
Revilo Twist is a professional wedding magician who ensures a memorable wedding experience that will leave you and your guests absolutely mind-blown! With his captivating close-up and stage magic, he doesn’t just entertain; he adds a unique and engaging type of wedding entertainment to your special day, making it truly unforgettable.

Wedding Magician. Northamptonshire Magician.


Founded: 2018

Events Worked: 100+

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