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33 Mr & Mrs Questions for a Hen Party!

  • Posted 9 months ago

Top Mr & Mrs Question – (ready to use!)

While a night out on the town or a spa day can be fun, sometimes it’s the games that really make the hen party memorable. So with that in mind, we’ve listed our fave Mr & Mrs questions below, ready for you to put to good use!  

Top tip – have the groom record his answers so you can all sit and watch the responses for each answer!

Easy Mr & Mrs Questions

1. What date did you become official?

2. Who asked who out on the first date?

3. Where was your first date?

4. Who fancied who first?

5. If there is a spider, who deals with it?

6. Who changes the lightbulbs?

7. Who is most likely to forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries?

8. What is their favourite meal?

Who is Most Likely to…

1. Most likely to mess up dinner?

2. Most likely to be late?

3. Most likely to get lost whilst driving?

4. Most likely to apologise after an argument

5. Most likely to get arrested?

6. Most likely to become famous?

7. Most likely to get a pride of britain award?

Who is better? Mr & Mrs!

Group of girls on hen party laughing at mr & mrs questions

1. Who is the better cook?

2. Who is the better driver?

3. Who is the better dancer?

4. Who is more patient?

5. Who is more organized?

6. Who is better at admitting they are wrong

7. Who is a better morning person

8. Who makes the best coffee?

9. Who is better in a crisis?

Funny Mr & Mrs Questions

1. What do you disagree on the most?

2. Who is the most competitive?

3. Who is the most annoying when drunk?

4. What is there most embarrasing moment?

5. What would they say is your worst trait?

6. Who is the most likely to win an argument?

7. Who is their celeb crush?

8. Who snores the loudest?

9. Who is the messiest?

10. Who had to take the most driving tests?


Other Hen Party Game Ideas (to keep the fun going!)

Bride-to-Be Trivia: Prepare a list of questions about the bride, like her favorite things, childhood memories, or how she met her partner. The guests can take turns answering, and the bride can reveal the correct answers.

Dress the Bride: Split the guests into teams and provide them with rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper. Each team must create a wedding dress using the materials, with one member acting as the “bride.” The bride-to-be can pick the winning design.

Pictionary Charades: Combine Pictionary and charades into a hilarious game. Guests take turns drawing wedding-related scenes or actions without using any words. The other guests must guess what they are drawing within a time limit.

Memory Lane Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead the bride and guests to meaningful places or items related to the bride’s past. It could be where she had her first date, favorite restaurant, or a landmark from her childhood.

Lingerie Guessing Game: Ask each guest to bring a piece of lingerie that reflects their personality. The bride must guess which lingerie belongs to each guest. It’s a fun way to get everyone laughing and learn more about each other.

Truth or Dare Jenga: Write truth or dare questions on the blocks of a Jenga game. As the game progresses, guests pull out blocks and must either answer the truth or perform the dare.

Wedding Movie Emoji Quiz: Create a list of famous wedding movies and describe them using only emojis. The guests must guess the movie title based on the emojis provided.

Karaoke Night: Rent a karaoke machine or find a karaoke bar and have a singing contest. Guests can perform their favorite love songs or fun dance hits to get the party started.

Photo Booth Fun: Set up a photo booth with fun props and costumes. Let the guests take goofy and memorable pictures to commemorate the hen party.

Pin the Kiss on the Groom: Similar to the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game, blindfold the guests and have them try to place a kiss on a poster of the groom. The closest kiss wins a prize.