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Oh, hey there, party starter! Are you looking for some quick, fun icebreaker hen party games to kick off the hen party in style? We’ve got you covered, girlie!

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Ultimate Hen Party Games List!

Looking to organise a hen party packed with laughter and fun? Look no further! Here’s the ultimate list of hen party games for you to enjoy and use as you please!

A classic hen party game where guests fill out bingo cards with items related to the bride-to-be or wedding gifts. As the bride opens her gifts, guests mark off items on their cards. The first to get a bingo wins a prize. Download our free Bridal Bingo Game Here. 

Test how well the couple know each other with a series of questions about their relationship, preferences, and funny anecdotes. Guests can guess the answers, and the couple reveals their responses for laughs.

Put a wedding twist on the classic drawing game. Guests take turns drawing wedding-related words or phrases while others guess what they are. It’s a hilarious way to get everyone involved.

A timeless hen party game that’s perfect for breaking the ice. Guests take turns choosing between answering a revealing question about the bride or completing a daring challenge.

Act out wedding-related words, phrases, or actions without speaking while guests guess what they are. It’s a lively game that gets everyone moving and laughing.

Have each guest write down a piece of advice or well wishes for the bride-to-be. Collect all the notes and compile them into a keepsake book for the bride to cherish. Download our free advice for the bride card here!

Create a quiz with photos of celebrity couples and challenge guests to guess their names. It’s a fun way to add a pop culture twist to the party.

Provide guests with wedding-themed Mad Libs templates and let them fill in the blanks with silly adjectives, nouns, and verbs. The results are sure to be hilarious.

Hide plastic rings around the party venue or garden, and have guests search for them. The person who finds the most rings wins a prize.

Divide guests into teams and give each team rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper. The goal is to design a wedding dress on the bride using only the paper within a set time limit. The bride then picks her favorite design, and the winning team gets a prize.

Provide guests with plain white veils and an assortment of decorations like flowers, ribbons, and beads. Let them get creative and decorate their own veils for the bride to wear during the hen party.

Put the bride’s knowledge to the test with a trivia game all about her. Questions can range from childhood memories to favorite foods to embarrassing moments. Guests can guess the answers, and the bride reveals whether they’re correct.

Instead of acting out words or phrases, guests act out popular wedding songs while others guess the title. It’s a fun twist on traditional charades that’s sure to get everyone singing along.

A bridal twist on the classic party game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Blindfolded guests take turns trying to pin a paper bouquet onto a poster of the bride. The person who gets closest to the target wins.

Create a slideshow or collage of photos showcasing memorable moments from the bride’s life leading up to her wedding day. Guests can reminisce and share stories about their favorite memories with the bride.

Set up a karaoke machine or playlist with wedding-themed songs, and let guests take turns belting out their favorite tunes. It’s a great way to get everyone in the hen party spirit and create lasting memories.

Divide the hens into teams and provide each team with oversized bridal gowns, veils, and accessories. One member from each team must race to put on the dress and accessories, then run to a designated finish line and back to tag the next teammate.