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choosing a wedding singer

Your wedding day deserves the perfect soundtrack – one that reflects the beauty of your love story! A talented wedding singer can add that special touch, creating unforgettable moments from your walk down the aisle to the last dance. Go Book It lets you discover a wide range of amazing singers across the UK, from soulful acoustic artists to vintage-inspired vocalists. Connect directly with them and book hassle-free – no agency fees or commissions!

Finding Your Style & genre

When it comes to your wedding singer, think about the kind of music you and your partner really enjoy. Are you fans of today’s top hits, or do you have a soft spot for classic rock? Maybe you love soulful tunes or the smooth sounds of jazz. Whatever your taste, there’s a wedding singer out there who can match it!


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Why hire a wedding singer?

Music is like magic – it can totally change the vibe of any party, and your wedding is no different. A live singer brings something special to the table that a playlist just can’t compete with.

Searching for the ideal wedding singers for hire? Look for a vocalist who understands how to create the perfect mood for each stage of your wedding.


So you have hired your perfect wedding singer and now you are trying to work out what you want them to sing!? Check our our list of ‘popular wedding songs’ to help you get inspired!