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Acoustic Wedding Singers

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  • No agency fees
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Stephanie Soloist

  • Leicestershire
  • UK Wide

Esme Barber Singer & Pianist

  • Huddersfield

Michaela Marie Vocalist

  • London SE15
  • UK Wide

Singing Waiters in the UK

  • UK

Aaron Sherlock Music

  • Liverpool

James Wood Musician

  • Hull

Matty Haynes Music

  • Nottingham
  • UK Wide

The Motownella‘s

  • Manchester
  • UK Wide

Emily Rose Wedding & Events Singer

  • Derbyshire
  • UK Wide

Chelsie Jade Singer

  • Nuneaton
  • UK Wide

Ali Weddings

  • Wolverhampton
  • UK Wide

Olivia Jayne Vocalist

  • Cheshire
  • UK Wide
The main difference is that an acoustic wedding singer will usually sing and play acoustic guitar rather than to a backing track.
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Yes. Most wedding singers will provide everything needed, but it is best practice to run through all of these types of questions before booking.
Generally, wedding singers are very open to learning new songs. Just ask the question!
If you are a talented wedding singer, we would love to hear from you. Just head to our become a supplier page to apply.

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