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Wedding catering prices will vary massively depending on the following factors;

  • Location
  • Cuisine
  • How many courses
  • Guest Numbers

Our recommendation is to always shop around, work out what you do not want to compromise on and then go from there.

Yes, (if you consider yourself a good cook and you are up for the job!)

Things to consider;

  • Permissions from Venue
  • Allergies and Dietary Requirements
  • Food storage
  • What additional help will you need on the day?
  • Crockery & Cutlery

Every venue is different so check with them directly. If venues don’t offer a catering package they will usually have a list of preffered caterers who they have experience of working with.

This is usually something the Venue takes care of. Check with your venue before booking a catering supplier. 

The quick answer is, as soon as possible. Most wedding catering suppliers book up quite far in advance especially in peak wedding season. If you have a caterer you have your heart set on, speak to them about availability and getting a deposit down straight away. 

Ask yourself;

Is your wedding cake going to be in place of dessert or additional? If you plan on using the wedding cake as dessert you should cater for every guest. Speak to your cake maker to discuss size and tier recommendations. 

If you plan on having dessert plus cake, you can generally assume that not everyone will have some and cater for between 70-80%