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Average Wedding Cake Prices UK 2023/2024

  • Posted 6 months ago

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Wedding Cake Prices

Picture this: your wedding reception, the vows are down, laughter echoing through the room. And there, in the center of it all, is your wedding cake. More than just a scrumptious sweet treat, it’s a showstopper, a conversation starter, a memory maker. But how do you plan a budget for this towering piece of edible art? Come with us, as we take a mouth-watering journey through the magical world of wedding cake costs and see how you can create the cake of your dreams.

What’s the Recipe for Your Wedding Cake Cost?

Just like baking a cake, pricing it is about blending the right ingredients. The number of layers, the flavours, the design – they all add a little something to both the taste and the cost. Perhaps you’re a lover of the classics, dreaming of a multi-tiered fruit cake. Or maybe a rich, chocolatey tower is more your style. No matter what you’re craving, the sky’s the limit!

Average Wedding Cake Prices in 2023/2024

For the budget-conscious bride, a ballpark figure for an average UK wedding cake wobbles between £300 and £400. However, the final wedding cake price will really depend on your personal tastes. Here’s a quick layer-by-layer breakdown:

Number of layers Average Price Range
2 £250-£400
3 £300-£600
4 £400-£750

Your Cake, Your Style

Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ when it comes to your wedding cake. If you’re more about the sentiment and less about the sweet tooth, a small budget-friendly cake can be just as special. Or, why not shake up tradition and ask close family and friends to bring a cake and create a showstopping cake table?

How Much Cake Do You Need?

The size of your wedding cake directly correlates with the number of guests you’ll be serving. To ensure that everyone gets a slice of the celebration, here’s an average breakdown of servings for both round and square wedding cakes.

Inches Round Cake Square Cake
10 38 50
12 56 72
14 78 98
16 100 128
Cake sizes from Bride.com

Remember, these numbers are simply averages. The actual number of servings may vary based on the size of the slice. It’s your big day, and the cake should reflect your personal style and preference, in both design and portion size. Chat to your cake maker about guest numbers and how many people you need to cater for.

The Layer of Luxury: Bespoke Cakes

Bespoke cakes come with a higher price tag, but they also come with a level of artistry and personalisation that make them worth it. The attention to detail, the quality ingredients, the unique design – it all adds to the wow factor and the cost.

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Picking Your Tiers

In the world of weddings, three-tier cakes are the classic choice. But hey, who says you can’t rewrite the rules? Choose as many, or as few, tiers as you want, keeping in mind your guest count.

Decorations: Finding the Sweet Spot

Beautiful sugar decorations can quickly sweeten the final bill. Consider other options like real or faux flowers for a touch of beauty without the bite to your budget.

Other Ingredients in the Cake Cost

A variety of factors can add to the cost of your cake, from the location of your wedding to the complexity of the design, your choice of toppers, flavours, and even the quality of the ingredients. Even deciding on the cake stand and figuring out the logistics of delivery and set-up can add a few pounds to your cake cost.

Slicing and Dicing your Wedding Cake

Talk to your catering team about how to slice your cake to get the perfect portion sizes. And remember, a dense fruit cake goes further than a fluffy sponge cake. Budget-friendly flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and lemon could also be a sweet deal.

Cunning Cake Tricks: The Dummy Layer

For a show-stopping cake without the huge price tag, consider adding a dummy layer or two. Made from styrofoam and iced to match the rest of the cake, these faux layers add drama without adding to the cost.

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