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Viking Photography

  • Somerset
  • UK Wide

Jane Ball Photography

  • Burnley
  • UK Wide

Carys Ingram Photography

  • Stockport

Matt Gladwin Photography

  • Preston
  • UK Wide

Sarah Anderson Photography

  • York
  • UK Wide


  • Somerset


  • Solihull
  • UK Wide

Kat Shot This

  • Nottingham
  • UK Wide

JDB Videography

  • Chelmsford

Kirstie Garlick Photography

  • Manchester
  • UK Wide

Furness Digital Photography Ltd

  • Leeds
  • UK Wide

Oliver Dixon Photography

  • North Yorkshire
  • UK Wide
Prices vary, but you can expect to pay on around £1700-£2500 for a wedding photographer in London
The honest answer is Yes. Like most things, it does cost a bit more in the capital. According to Bridebooks 2023 Survey, the average wedding in London costs around £30k versus around £16k in Yorkshire.

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