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50 Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • Posted 10 months ago

50 Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Planning a hen party and want to organise a top-tier scavenger hunt? You have come to the right place!   These 50 scavenger hunt ideas will be a great addition to any hen party – just pick your favourites and give it a go!

Top Tip – ask both teams to take lots of photos so the bride can have all the fun documented!

click to download free hen party scavenger hunt

Where to start with planning a scavenger hunt? First things first… 

      • Create your scavenger hunt (lots of ideas below!). You can then either make a scavenger hunt list and hand out to each team or just set up a whatsapp group and post the hunt in there. Either works.

      • Give each hunt task a point value. The harder the task, the higher the points. (Team with most points win)

      • Assign Teams. Try to keep the group sizes as big as possible so everyone is in on the fun. Its not going to be as enjoyable if you are just with one other person..

      • Setting a Time Limit. This is super important, otherwise you could end up with the game taking up the entire day.

      • Decide on a Prize. Could be as simple as a bottle of prosecco? Consider a losers prize too!

    Indoor Hen Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

    Great if you are at a hen house, or inside on a rainy day!

        • Find a Red Lipstick

        • Take a Selfie with a Stranger

        • Make a wedding dress using toilet roll

        • Take a Group Photo with the Bride

        • Find a Toy Hen or create a Hen using other materials

        • Choreograph & Film a 10-second dance routine

        • Write a poem about the bride & groom

        • Create a ‘mother of the bride’ style hat out of materials you can find

        • Make a bow tie using materials you can find

        • Find an embarrassing photo of the bride

        • Swap bra’s with another hen

        • Dance on the table

      Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

      This are ideal if you are away on a city break and want to do a scavenger hunt whilst you are out and about during the day. Think creatively about what city/country you are in too, as there may be some cool additions you can think of.

          • Take a group photo with a funny street sign (bonus point if it is relevant to the bride)

          • Take a selfie with a dog

          • Find a chocolate bar that starts with the same letter as the grrom

          • Ask a busker to dedicate their next song to the bride to be

          • Find a street or shop which rhymes with the brides name

          • Find a long-while dress in a charity shop

          • Buy something blue for under £1

          • Buy something new for under £1

          • Ask if you can try on a stranger’s hat

          • Propose to a stranger

          • Dance alone for a full song.

          • Find a lucky penny on the floor

          • Find a bouquet of flowers (brides favourites)

        Hen Party SCAVENGER HUNT In the bar  

        Ideal for those first few drinks to get things started. 

          • Get a picture with a bartender

          • Get a picture with a group of friends and a random person

          • Ask if you can pull a pint

          • Drink the brides favorite cocktail

          • Request a song that reminds you of the bride & dance the whole way through

          • Have a dance off

          • Make a paper veil and wear it to the bar to order a drink

          • Get a condom from a stranger

          • Arm wrestle a stranger

          • Kiss a bald mans head

          • Get a guy to give the bride a lapdance

          • Find a group of guys in matching t shirts (get a pic!)

          • Find a funny accessory that reminds you of the hen party

          • Fake orgasm in a bar

        Get snappy! (Photographs)

          • Take a Selfie with a Famous Person (or lookalike)

          • Take a photo of you doing a human pyramid

          • Get a picture with a local celebrity

          • Take a group photo in a strange place

          • Get a photo of a man on his stag do

          • Get a selfie in the men’s toilet

          • Photobomb a stranger’s photo

          • Get a candid photo of the bride without her knowing

          • Take a group photo with a statue

          • Take a pic with a police officer or authority figure

          • Take a photo of hens lined up holding the bride