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market your business

Consider us as your secret marketing team, quietly working hard conjuring up more visitors for your website (oh, and it only costs the equivalent of two starbucks coffees a month!).

Don’t have the budget? Don’t worry, everybody deserves a chance to shine – just opt for our free plan.

We empower you and your business to thrive

We’re not your typical event marketplace. We’re the disruptors, the innovators, and the champions of independent event suppliers. Our goal is to empower and elevate independent events businesses. 


Your Earnings

We do not charge commissions on bookings or charge you for leads. We work to get you the visibility you deserve without inflated costs.

The vision is simple

to create a platform where event planners can connect directly with local, independent event suppliers, without the need for intermediaries. More importantly, we’re dedicated to ensuring these talented small businesses keep the earnings they deserve, free from hefty commissions.


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Become a featured venue on Go Book It and supercharge your business today. Consider us, your secret marketing team, working hard behind the scenes to get more visitors to your website! Allow us to help market with expert SEO strategies and digital marketing prowess.

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