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March Wedding Supplier of the Month! Darling Days

  • Posted 4 months ago

March Supplier of the Month

Ready for a wedding supplier that’s guaranteed to get your guests buzzing? Meet Darling Days! Their vintage trike stocked with delicious treats is both a conversation starter and a feast for the eyes (and tastebuds!) Sure to put a smile on the faces of guests young and old, it’s easy to see why Darling days are the Go Book It Wedding Supplier of the Month.

Darling Day’s Story

So, picture this – diving headfirst into the world of business with no idea about social media trying to create a side hustle of selling ice cream, sweet carts, grazing setups, cheese towers, and hot chocolate with s’mores on the side. It all started with a random TikTok video of an American ice cream seller on a bike. I mean, who knew a social media scroll could lead to a full-blown entrepreneurial adventure, right?

So, there I was, snagging a bike in Blackpool with a random pimms box that had to go (I don’t drink, guys!). Summer was over, but my winter plan was brewing – hot chocolate and s’mores galore! Crafting my own hot chocolate recipe was like a wild science experiment, but hey, now it’s a showstopper at events. Who knew a bike could lead to such sweet success?

Fast forward to summer plans with a battery-operated freezer for soft scoop ice cream escapades. Flavors? Oh, we’ve got ’em! Thinking of adding s’mores or cookie sandwiches to the mix because why not? And can we talk about the bookings? 2024, 2025, and 2026 are already on the calendar. Who would’ve thought a sofa idea would turn into a full-fledged ice cream empire?

Sweet setups and grazing options? Yeah, those became a thing too, thanks to a casual customer message that snowballed into more fun services. It’s all part of the crazy, fun, and sometimes messy journey of building a dream business. Mistakes? Oh, plenty. Overspending? Guilty as charged. But hey, it’s all part of the ride, right?

Looking ahead, the goal is to go from full-time boring manager job to living the ice cream dream. The road may be bumpy, but the excitement and passion for this joyful, sprinkle-filled adventure keeps me going. Who knows what’s next? Bring on the laughs, the flavours, and the ice cream dreams!

Check out Darling Days today and request a quote in just a couple of clicks. Don’t forget, when you find and book your suppliers with Go Book It you pay no agency fees or commission!

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