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Planning a Perfect Summer Wedding in the UK: Comprehensive Tips and Tricks

  • Posted 10 months ago

Summer Wedding in the UK

Ah, the beauty of a summer wedding! The season of blooming flowers, longer days, and the warm sun shining down on a day filled with love and celebration. Summer is a popular time for weddings, and it‘s easy to see why. But, planning a summer wedding in the UK brings its own unique set of challenges, especially given the unpredictability of British weather.

Tip #1: Have Umbrellas on Standby

The first tip for planning a summer wedding in the UK is to be prepared for all types of weather. While summer days can be gloriously sunny, they can also bring sudden showers. Don’t let the potential for rain dampen your spirits though. In fact, having umbrellas on standby can add a charming touch to your wedding, injecting a bit of British flair into your celebration.

Consider having a basket of umbrellas at the entrance of your venue, so guests can grab one if the skies open. You can even match the umbrellas to your wedding theme or colors. And remember, rain on your wedding day isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some cultures even view it as a sign of good luck, and it can make for some truly beautiful and memorable photographs.

Tip #2: Capture the Sunset

One of the perks of a summer wedding is the longer daylight hours. This means you have more time to enjoy your big day, and it opens up more opportunities for stunning photos.

Ask your photographer to be ready to capture you and your partner as the sun begins to set. Summer sunsets can provide a breathtaking backdrop, resulting in romantic, golden-hour photos that you’ll treasure forever. Be sure to discuss this with your photographer in advance so they can plan the perfect timing and location to capture this magical moment.

Tip #3: Set Up an Ice Station

If it’s a particularly hot day, your guests will appreciate any efforts to help them cool down. An ice station can be a fantastic addition to your summer wedding. This could be a simple, rustic table laden with buckets of ice and a variety of drinks, or a more elaborate setup with a staffed bar serving refreshing cocktails.

Having a place where guests can grab a cold beverage not only helps them stay cool but also adds another fun element to your wedding. You could even go a step further and serve ice lollies or ice cream – a surefire hit with both the kids and the adults!

Tip #4: Consider Outdoor Dining

A summer wedding in the UK gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the great outdoors. If your venue permits, why not consider having your meal outside?

There are many fantastic outdoor catering options available, from traditional sit-down meals to more relaxed barbecues or picnics. Food trucks are also a popular choice, offering a wide variety of cuisines and a unique, casual dining experience. Discuss these options with your caterer or explore our Event Marketplace on the Go Book It website to discover the multitude of fantastic suppliers available.

Tip #5: Opt for Light Clothing

Even the most composed of brides are likely to break a sweat on their wedding day, and this is particularly true during the summer months. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortably hot in a long-sleeved, double-lined dress, especially if the temperatures soar to 30 degrees. Instead, opt for a wedding dress made from lighter fabrics such as chiffon, organza, or tulle. These materials are not only comfortable but also beautifully flowy, adding a romantic touch to your summer wedding.

The same goes for your bridal party too. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen are wearing attire suitable for a summer event. Light, breathable materials in pastel colors are typically the best choice for summer weddings. Remember, comfort is key. When everyone feels comfortable in their attire, they’re able to enjoy the celebration fully.

Tip #6: Set the Mood with Summer Music

Music is an essential part of any wedding, helping to set the tone and ambiance of your celebration. For a summer wedding, why not create a soundtrack that encapsulates the joy, love, and carefree spirit of the season?

Whether you’re hiring a live band or musician, or curating your own Spotify playlist, make sure to include some feel-good, summer love songs. Think of classics like “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles or upbeat tracks like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. You could also include songs that hold special memories for you and your partner, perhaps a song from a summer holiday you took together, or the summer hit from the year you first met.

Music has a way of triggering memories and emotions, so choose songs that will make your guests feel the warmth and joy of your summer wedding, long after the day has passed. After all, every time they hear those songs in the future, they’ll be transported back to your special day.

Tip #7: Choose a Summer-Friendly Hairstyle

With summer comes the heat, and for brides with long or thick hair, this can pose an extra challenge. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel sticky and sweaty because of your hairstyle. So, it’s important to consider a summer-friendly hairstyle that not only looks beautiful but also keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Updos are a popular choice for summer weddings. Not only do they keep your hair off your neck, but they also allow for a bit of creativity. You can incorporate braids, twists, or flowers into your updo for a whimsical, romantic look. Another option is a loose, low bun, which offers a chic and elegant look without the heaviness of having your hair down.

If you still dream of having your hair down, consider half-up hairstyles. These offer the best of both worlds: you get the elegance of an updo, and the romantic feel of having your hair down. Just be sure to use products that combat frizz and keep your hair looking sleek and shiny throughout the day.

Remember, your wedding day is all about you. Choose a hairstyle that not only suits the summer weather but also makes you feel beautiful and confident. After all, confidence is the best accessory a bride can wear!

As always, don’t hesitate to use Go Book It to find hair stylists and other wedding suppliers that can help you achieve your dream summer wedding look. We’re here to make your wedding planning process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Now, planning a wedding can be as daunting as it is exciting, but remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Here at Go Book It, our Event Marketplace is packed full of exceptional suppliers to help make your summer wedding in the UK a breeze. From caterers and photographers to musicians and more, you’ll find all the help you need in one convenient place.

At the end of the day, your wedding is about celebrating your love story. So, whether the sun is shining, or the rain is falling, remember to enjoy every moment. After all, it’s these little moments and memories that will make your summer wedding uniquely yours.

So, here’s to summer, love, and the joy of wedding planning! Happy planning, everyone!