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Supplier code of conduct

  1. I agree to treat all customer contact details obtained through Go Book It’s platform with strict confidentiality.
  2. I will only use customer contact details for the purpose of providing quotes or communicating further about the event enquiry.
  3. I understand that spamming customers or sharing their contact information with any third parties without explicit consent is strictly prohibited.
  4. I acknowledge that I must comply with GDPR regulations regarding the handling of personal data obtained through Go Book It’s platform.
  5. I agree to provide accurate and transparent information in my quotes and communications with customers.
  6. I will not engage in any discriminatory, harassing, or unethical behavior towards customers or other suppliers on the platform.
  7. I understand that any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in my removal from the Go Book It platform and potential legal action.
  8. I acknowledge that Go Book It reserves the right to monitor and enforce compliance with this Code of Conduct.

By accepting these points, suppliers commit to upholding high standards of professionalism and integrity in their interactions with customers and on the Go Book It platform.