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Caricaturist for wedding entertainment

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Caricaturist for wedding entertainment in the South East Counties UK

You can hire a Caricaturist for wedding drinks receptions is a great idea. This helps keeping your guests entertained. The wedding caricatures also serve as ice-breakers from this point onwards. Wedding  Caricatures can also serve as entertainment after the speeches.

The A4 sized cartoon portraits also serve as wedding favours nicely packaged in eco-friendly clear sleeves.

Cool-Caricatures provides Caricaturist for wedding entertainment in Greater London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Sussex, and Ipswich.

Caricatures also serve well in themed or cultural weddings.

See our Caricaturist samples drawn as:

In addition to live caricatures entertainment, we also create digital wedding caricatures from photos as stationery and standing banners.


A set fee is charged for the wedding. The celebrants/hirer pay the set fee. The guests have their caricatures free as wedding favours.

The Wedding Caricature Artist does a mix and mingle act moving around drawing guests. The caricatures are drawn on A4 paper and handed to guests in eco-friendly sleeves.

For each face It takes 3 minutes for outline only caricatures and 5 minutes each for shaded caricatures. (See gallery samples to see both options)

You can have a wedding monogram pre-printed on the caricature papers. Guests would always remember whose wedding they got their lovely caricatures from. The caricatures are of a manageable A4 size easy to slip into guests bags. They are also nicely packaged in eco-friendly sleeves (with backing boards). This makes them nice wedding favours for guests drawn.

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