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Wislocki Music, bands, DJs and musical acts
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Wislocki Music

highest quality talent in the UK

  • Surrey


Wislocki Music, bands, DJs and musical acts

At Wislocki Music we’ll craft an experience that takes people out of the everyday and creates unforgettable memories for everyone there.

We provide live music from our carefully selected performers who represent the highest quality talent in the UK.  We have bands, DJs and many other musical acts and ensembles. With over 25 years in the industry, we have a network of musicians whose skill and reliability we can vouch for. Tailoring the music to your tastes and providing the perfect soundtrack with minimal fuss for you.

We work with busy couples, event planners, venues and brands, finding music that brings joy! Step out of the everyday, into our musical oasis and make your event unique and truly memorable.

Locations Covered

  • South East

Products & Services

  • First dance request
  • Flexible on times
  • Playlists in between sets
  • Reception music
  • Takes requests
  • Over 5 years experience


Ministry of Soul

  • Nottingham
  • UK Wide

Stephanie Soloist

  • Leicestershire
  • UK Wide

Viking Photography

  • Somerset
  • UK Wide

Florista Events

  • Maidstone

Plum and Petal

  • Skipton

Esme Barber Singer & Pianist

  • Huddersfield