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The Complete Guide to Page Boys at Your Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

  • Posted 7 months ago

Oh, how exciting! You’re choosing your wedding party, and you’re considering including a young boy as a page boy. That’s such a lovely idea! In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about page boys, including their role, what they wear, and how to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day. So, let’s dive into the charming world of page boys together!

What is a Page Boy?

A page boy is a young boy, typically aged between 3 and 10, chosen to play a special role in a wedding ceremony. Historically, the term “page” referred to a male attendant or servant to noble figures, and today, it signifies a young boy with a symbolic role in the wedding party.

Why is a page boy called a page boy?

The word “page” has its roots in medieval times, where it referred to a male servant or attendant who worked in a noble household. Nowadays, in weddings, the role of a page boy is more symbolic and typically involves engaging tasks that bring a touch of cuteness to the ceremony.

How old can a page boy be for wedding?

Page boys are typically aged between 3 and 10. This age range ensures they can understand and fulfill their responsibilities while keeping the tasks age-appropriate and enjoyable.

What does a Page Boy role entail?

Bride and groom posing for picture with page boy and bridesmaid. What is a page boy blog.

Did you know that the role of a page boy is mostly honorary and can vary depending on cultural traditions and personal preferences? Despite the changes in their responsibilities over time, they usually involve assisting the wedding party or having a special symbolic role in the event. It’s exciting to think about all the ways that a page boy can be a part of making a wedding day extra special!

Traditional page boy responsibilities

  • Carrying the Bride’s Train: In the past, page boys held the train of the bride’s dress, a nod to their historical role as attendants. Today, this role has evolved, and page boys may walk down the aisle with the flower girl or bridesmaids.
  • Ring Bearer: Some page boys may carry the wedding rings down the aisle, adding a sweet touch to the ceremony.

Additional page boy tasks

  • Hold a Symbolic Object: Page boys may carry a symbolic object like a ring cushion, bouquet, or special item representing the couple’s love or cultural traditions.
  • Escort the Flower Girl: Walking down the aisle with the flower girl or another young member of the wedding party adds a charming touch.
  • Scatter Petals: Just like flower girls, page boys can scatter petals down the aisle, creating a picturesque and romantic atmosphere.
  • Carry a Sign: Page boys can carry signs with messages like “Here comes the bride,” adding an adorable element to the procession.

What age is a page boy?

As mentioned, page boys are typically aged between 3 and 10. This age range strikes a balance, allowing them to understand and enjoy their role without feeling overwhelmed or disinterested.

What does a page boy wear?

Page boys are the perfect blend of smart and cute. The choice of attire depends on the wedding theme and the age of the child. Options include tuxedos, suits with waistcoats and ties, or even kilts for a touch of Celtic charm.

Do page boys need to match the groom?

While it’s common for page boys to wear outfits similar to the groom, there’s room for creativity. Cohesive outfits contribute to stunning photos, but adventurous choices are welcome.

Do page boys wear buttonholes?

Yes, like other members of the wedding party, page boys typically wear buttonholes. However, it’s essential to remind them to handle these delicate accessories with care.

Do you buy a page boy a gift?

Showing appreciation for the page boy’s contribution is a thoughtful gesture. Consider small, meaningful gifts like toys, games, or teddy bears to express gratitude. A personalized thank-you note is also a touching way to acknowledge their role in your special day.

Pageboy keepsakes

Page boys add an element of joy and cuteness to any wedding ceremony. Remember to ask your photographer to get some cute photos of him, these precious moments will be a great photograph to look back on as he gets older!

Tips for a successful pageboy!

Excited to have a page boy at your wedding? Here are five tips for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  1. Attend Rehearsals: Ensure the page boy attends any wedding rehearsals to familiarize themselves with the ceremony proceedings.
  2. Communicate with Parents: Discuss clothing choices and preparation details with the page boy’s parents to ensure a comfortable experience.
  3. Include Them: Keep the page boy included in the process, allowing them to make some decisions to enhance their sense of involvement.