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Our Trusted Supplier Policy

We know planning an event can be super exciting but also a bit stressful. You want everything to go perfectly, and we totally get that. That’s why, here at go book it, we’ve got your back with a handpicked list of only the best suppliers out there. We’re serious about making sure every supplier on our site is someone we’d personally trust for our own events. Here’s a peek at how we make sure you’re getting the best of the best:

Our Supplier Stamp of Approval

Making Sure They’re the Real Deal

We dig deep into the info suppliers give us to make sure it all adds up and everything’s legit. We check their business documents and deets, contact info, and anything else that shows they’re genuine.

Scoping Out Their Online Presence

We do a little social media stalking (the fun kind!) to see how active and professional they are. We check their website, social media profiles, business listings and any other online platforms where they might have customer reviews or information.

Reading the Reviews

We scour every platform possible for reviews to see what real customers are saying. We ask suppliers to provide at least three testimonials from previous events to get direct feedback.

Spotlight on Quality

We comb through their portfolio to make sure their work is consistently fab. We check a mix of events they’ve rocked, showing they can handle different styles and needs. We even do a Google Image reverse search to make sure their pics are truly theirs.

Terms and Conditions – Sealing the Deal

Every supplier signs off on our terms and conditions to ensure they’re committed to withholding the go book it standards. We also check their terms to make sure everything is clear and fair for you.

Keeping Tabs on Things

We keep an eye on customer feedback to make sure our suppliers stay top-tier.  We monitor messages between suppliers and customers to ensure everything’s smooth and professional. If any hiccups happen, we jump in right away to sort things out