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10 Kids Halloween Themed Party Ideas. An Amazing Spooktacular Celebration!

  • Posted 8 months ago

Kids Halloween Themed Party Ideas.

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this fun and spooky holiday than by hosting a Halloween-themed party for your little ones and their friends? or Maybe your child has their birthday around this time of year and so you are going to have a spooky themed birthday party? here are ten kids halloween themed party ideas and games that are sure to keep the kids entertained and excited.

1) Pumpkin Decorating

Kids Halloween Themed Party Ideas : Pumpkin Decorating

Provide small pumpkins, paint, markers, and stickers, and watch as the little artists transform plain pumpkins into spooktacular masterpieces. You can even turn it into a friendly competition with categories like “scariest” or “most creative.” Want to keep the house as clean as possible? Set the kids up on a blanket in the garden to keep the mess to a minimum.

2) Apple Bobbing

A classic Halloween game that never goes out of style. Fill a tub with water, float apples, and challenge the kids to catch an apple using only their mouths. Be ready with towels for the giggles and splashes!

3) Monster Musical Statues

Turn up the Halloween music and let the kids dance their hearts out. When the music stops, they have to freeze in their best monster pose. It’s a great way to tire the kids out (so consider doing this towards the end of the party!)

4) Mummy Wrap

Kids love pretending to be mummies. Provide them with loo roll or white streamers, and let them wrap each other up to create spooky mummies. The fastest and most creatively wrapped mummy wins. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

5) Ghostly Scavenger Hunt

Create an exciting scavenger hunt by hiding small Halloween-themed items such as paper ghosts, googly eyes or fake spiders around your garden or home. Give the children a list of what to find and watch them explore with enthusiasm.

6) Pin the Spider on the Web

A Halloween twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” Blindfold the kids, spin them around, and have them try to pin the spider onto the web. It’s a game of balance and precision.

7) Witch Hat Ring Toss

Set up a ring toss game using witch hats as targets. Kids can take turns tossing rings (glow bracelets or rubber rings work well) onto the pointy part of the witch hats.

8) Halloween Charades

A game of acting and guessing! Write down Halloween-themed words or phrases on pieces of paper (pumpkin, ghosts, spiders, witches etc) and have the kids act them out while the others guess. It’s a fantastic way to encourage some creativity!

9) Spooky Storytime

Gather the children in a circle and take turns telling or reading not-so-scary Halloween stories. You can even let the kids contribute to the story, making it interactive and engaging for everyone.

10) Monster Bowling

Create your very own monster-themed bowling set using empty plastic bottles painted like friendly (or not-so-friendly) monsters and a soft ball. Let the kids take turns trying to knock down the “monsters” while enjoying some good-natured competition.

Now, put your feet up – you deserve a break!

Hopefully these kids halloween themed party ideas will have your little ready for a chilled afternoon so you can have a well deserved break! (Hosting a kids party is not easy, we know!) If you are looking to add some additional entertainment to your kids party, such as magicians, soft play hire or a disney princess, just check out our recommended entertainment suppliers here on Go Book It

Enjoy a fantastic party full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories! Oh, and Happy Halloween!