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5 Fantastic Baby Shower Theme Ideas

  • Posted 9 months ago

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hey there, party planners! If you’re getting ready to throw a baby shower, you’re in for a wild ride of fun and excitement. And what better way to make your event stand out than with a unique and creative theme that will leave your guests in awe? Get ready to dive into the ultimate guide to baby shower themes that will be sure to have you and your guests excited to your core!

Enchanted Garden

Transform your venue into a whimsical wonderland with an enchanted garden-themed baby shower. Think fairy lights twinkling among lush greenery, floral centerpieces bursting with blooms, and pastel-colored decorations that transport you to a magical realm.

Feeling a little bit extra? Why not set up a DIY flower crown station where guests can create their own floral masterpieces to wear throughout the event?

Organize a “Pin the Flower on the Fairy” game for some giggles and friendly competition. And don’t forget to serve delightful treats like floral-inspired cupcakes and refreshing fruit-infused water to keep the garden party vibe going strong.

Vintage Baby

Step back in time with a vintage baby-themed shower that oozes timeless charm. Think lace doilies, old-fashioned prams, and vintage-inspired decor that will transport you to a bygone era. Set up a nostalgic photo booth complete with vintage props like oversized sunglasses, feather boas, and retro hats for some Insta-worthy snaps.

Serve classic treats like mini quiches, cucumber sandwiches, and scones for a touch of nostalgia.

Game Idea – Vintage Baby Name – Create a list of vintage baby names from different eras, such as names that were popular in the 1920s, 1930s, or 1940s. Print out the list and provide each guest with a copy. Have guests match the vintage baby names with their corresponding meanings or origins. You can make it more challenging by using names that may not be as commonly known. The guest with the most correct matches wins the game.

Under the Sea Adventure

Dive into a world of underwater wonder with an under the sea adventure-themed baby shower. Think blue hues, seashells, and marine life decorations that will transport you to the depths of the ocean. Serve seafood-inspired treats like fish-shaped sandwiches, prawn cocktails, and tuna salad to keep the oceanic theme swimmingly delicious.

Game idea – Fishy Memory – Create a set of cards with pictures of different sea creatures such as fish, dolphins, starfish, and seahorses. Lay the cards face down on a table or the floor, and have guests take turns flipping over two cards at a time to try and match the pairs. The guest with the most matches at the end wins the game. After the game, ask the guests to leave a little note on the back of the card as a keepsake for the baby!

Wild Safari Adventure – Baby Shower Theme

Embark on a wild safari adventure with a jungle-themed baby shower that will have everyone roaring with excitement. Think lush green foliage, animal prints, and safari-inspired decor that will transport you to the heart of the jungle.

Game Idea Jungle Animal Charades – Create a list of different jungle animals, such as lions, elephants, monkeys, and zebras. Write each animal name on a separate index card or piece of paper. Divide guests into teams and have them take turns choosing a card and acting out the animal without using any words or sounds. The team members must guess the animal within a time limit. The team that guesses the most animals correctly wins the game.

Tips for Planning a Memorable Baby Shower

In addition to choosing a creative and unique theme, there are some essential tips to keep in mind when planning a baby shower to ensure it’s a memorable and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

  • Plan ahead – Speak to the mum-to-be and get a list together of everyone she is keen to invite. The sooner you can send out a save-the-date, the more likely you are to get them all attending! Head to Canva and create an online save the date and fire it out on text! Quick, easy & free!

  • Capture the moment – Don’t forget to capture the precious moments of the baby shower. Designate a friend or family member to take photos throughout the event. Create a photo booth with themed props and a backdrop that guests can use to take fun and memorable pictures. Consider setting up a guestbook where guests can leave messages and well wishes for the expectant parents.

  • Personalize the party with special touches – Add personalized touches that reflect the mum-to-be’s personality and preferences. You could do this by adding sentimental decorations or serving her favorite snacks. Small details will make the baby shower feel extra special and show the mum-to-be how much you care.

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