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Behind the Business of an Event Stylist - 'Second From The Right'

  • Posted 5 months ago

Becoming an Event Stylist

Second From The Right, Wedding & Events Styling & Hire based in Skipton, North Yorkshire

Where did it all start?

I decided in late 2021 that I wanted to start my business. I spent the next few months slowly collecting items, teaching myself to build a website and planning my first photoshoot! My first order was for a beautiful Wedding in May 2022 and I’ve been growing slowly ever since.

I had been working in the creative industry for years but was feeling totally burned out and completely ready for a change. When planning my own wedding in 2021 I just loved the styling element of it and so that is when the seed was planted! I was absolutely terrified, but after many long chats with my husband Sam and my wonderful florist friend Sophie (Walter & Blossom) I finally found the confidence to take the leap!

I am asked often where the business name comes from, the short answer is that I got married on the 2nd day of the month and my maiden name is Wright. It popped into my head one day and then I just kept seeing it everywhere, perhaps the best example being the ring finger! When you’re standing at the alter nervously wondering which finger to aim for … remember Second From The Right! Although I must point out, some customs and religions do it differently, so please check first and please don’t blame me if you get it wrong!!

What are the highs & lows..?

I get to do what I love, day in and day out. My couples genuinely mean the world to me and nothing beats that feeling of walking away from their venue knowing they are about to have the best day of their lives. I feel incredibly privileged to be a small part of that.

But, the juggle! We had a baby just a few months after I launched Second From The Right, so the juggle has been huge! For the most part though, I can honestly say that I love it and I finally feel I am getting the balance right now.

Advice to anyone who is considering setting up their own small business in the wedding/event industry…

Do your research, know your goals and be prepared to work hard. I have been made to feel so welcome in the Wedding Industry, there is a real team feel and it’s so lovely to be surrounded by other suppliers who are happy to support each other. I love being a part of it.

Sophies business Second From The Right is listed on our Event Supplier Marketplace, where you can read more about her services and contact her directly.

Second From The Right Wedding Table
Second From The Right Flowers and Name Card