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Hiring A Wedding Band: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Posted 9 months ago

Hiring a wedding band

Are you planning your dream wedding and seeking to create a memorable experience for you and your guests? One crucial element that can truly elevate the ambiance of your special day is the choice of a live wedding band. A talented and professional wedding band can add a special touch to the celebration and get the party going much quicker than a Spotify playlist can. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of hiring the perfect wedding band that aligns with your preferences, ensuring a phenomenal musical experience on your big day.

What kind of band fits your wedding?

First things first, what atmosphere do you want to create? Do you envision a sophisticated Jazz band, a lively and energetic folk band, or an Irish ceilidh? Clearly outlining your musical preferences will enable you to find a wedding band that resonates with your vision and wedding.

Do your research!

Before you confirm anything and pay any deposit it is super important to conduct thorough research Begin by browsing the Event Supplier Marketplace and make a shortlist. Keep a look out for bands that specialize in performing at weddings and have a diverse repertoire. Explore their websites, listen to audio samples, and watch videos of their live performances to gauge their talent and style.

Check their set lists!

So now that you have narrowed it down to a few bands you like to look at, ask to see their set lists. A lot of wedding bands will include this on their website, but if not just ask for a copy. This way you can get a vibe as to whether they are going to keep you and your guests entertained. It would be a massive shame if you book a band based on a couple of videos but fail to realise that the only songs they have nailed are ones that you have never heard of!

Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients will provide valuable insights into the quality and professionalism of a wedding band. Take the time to scour the internet for reviews on reputable platforms, such as Google, Yelp, or social media. Additionally, seek recommendations from friends, family members, or wedding planners who have firsthand experience with hiring wedding bands.

Fees & Extras

Before you secure the band, make sure you understand exactly what is due and when. With so many balances to pay in the lead-up to your wedding, it’s important you make a note of what is due and when.

Most bands charge per set, so you need to decide how long you are looking to book them for. Do you just want to have them play in the evening? or do you also want them to be their early doors to play whilst your guests are mingling? Think it through and ask how much it costs for these extras.

Your First Dance – Can your wedding band perform it?

If this is something you want to have included in your package it’s important to have that conversation as soon as possible. Wedding bands get very busy in wedding season and so learning and rehearsing a new song (assuming it isn’t already in their repertoire) takes time. Be aware that most bands will charge an additional fee if they need to learn a new song, due to the time it takes to get it right.

Plan your Smooth Transitions and Special Moments

Collaborate closely with the wedding band to plan for smooth transitions and special moments throughout your wedding day. Discuss the order of events, such as the entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and any other significant moments that require musical accompaniment. A skilled wedding band will work with you to create a well-structured timeline, ensuring that each moment is seamlessly integrated into the day.

DJ/Spotify Playlist

Picture the scene, the band has finished their first set and you are left with whatever music the venue play for every other wedding. Guests leave the dance floor and it feels like it is all over before it even began! Ask your wedding band if they are able to include a DJ set/playlist in between their sets to avoid a ‘lul’ in the evening.