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It's Almost Time! The Week Before The Wedding Checklist

  • Posted 9 months ago

The Week Before The Wedding Checklist

You have navigated multiple months (potentially years!) planning your big day, liaising with multiple event suppliers, and planning every detail, but as the week of your wedding dawns, the home stretch is in sight. To ensure everything flows smoothly, here’s an in-depth timeline of tasks to tackle the week before the wedding.

Connect with Your Suppliers

Begin your final wedding week by touching base with your suppliers. Whether it’s the florist, caterer, photographer, or venue management, a quick confirmation can ensure everyone is aligned with your plans and gives you an opportunity to ask any last minuite questions.

Send final numbers to venue & catering

Confirm your guest list and pass on the final headcount to your venue and caterer. If any of your guests have special dietary needs, make sure the caterer is informed. An excel sheet is usually the best way to do this and you can just send access to whoever needs it.

Schedule your beauty appointments

Now’s the time to pamper yourself so schedule any beauty treatments for mid-week to allow time for settling. This could include a manicure, pedicure, facial, or a relaxing massage. Dont get a facial too close to your wedding day though as it can often cause a breakout!

Pack for your honeymoon/minimoon

If you plan to head out for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, get your packing done. Don’t forget to double-check all necessary travel documents and reservations. Be sure to make it clear on any of your bookings that it is your honeymoon as you may bag yourself a free upgrade!

Handover any ‘day of the wedding’ jobs

Have a think about the order of the day and consider handing over the jobs which could take you away from enjoying the day. For example;

  • Give your suppliers the contact details of your best man or bridesmaids and ask they contact them if they have any day of the wedding questions or problems
  • Make sure your rings are with whoever needs them
  • Paying for the hair & makeup. If you are splitting the bill with your bridesmaids – ask one of them to work out the bill ensure everyone pays up.
  • Breakfast snacks/coffee whilst getting ready.

Have an hour with the printer

Have you printed everything you need? If not, here are a couple of things to consider ;

  • Readings for the ceremony
  • Vows (if written yourself)
  • Speeches
  • Order of service (may be easier to get a local printer to do this)

Have a quick tidy!

Sounds crazy right? But seriously, the last thing you want after the wedding is `to come back to a messy home. So give it a quick tidy and change your sheets so you can come back to your clean marital home with fresh bedding waiting for   you!

Taxi home?

You are likely to have planned your transport to the wedding but have you considered getting home? Depending where your wedding is, it may be worth pre booking a taxi. Remember, all of your guests will be getting taxis home too, so you don’t want to be stuck because there are none available.

Morning of the wedding cards/letters/gifts

Have you decided to leave your partner a little something to open the morning of the wedding? If so, get that sorted and give it to one of the brial party to give to them on the morning so it is a nice surprise.


You have done all you can do, now its time to enjoy the lead up to the wedding and relax. Drink plenty of water (your skin will thank you) get plenty of sleep and enjoy every moment.