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Great Wedding Day Advice (From 5 Top Wedding Photographers!)

  • Posted 9 months ago

Wedding Day Advice

Wedding Day ADVICE, Tips & Tricks

Imagine there was someone you could chat to, who spends most of their time at other peoples weddings. Wouldnt it be nice to soak up all of their wisdom and steal the best bits?

There is!

We asked some of our favourite wedding photographers for their top tips and advice for fantastic wedding day.

#1 Have a pre wedding meeting

When you find someone you like, follow them for a while and get to know a little more about their personalities through stories they post and ALWAYS have a zoom/meeting so you can see if you vibe well.

Louise Barry Photographer

Louise Barry Photographer - Wedding Day Advice

Louise Barry Photographer

#2 Book an engagament shoot

I always recommend booking an engagement session so the couple can practice some poses and get used to being photographed!

Rapley Photography

Rapley Photography - Wedding Day Advice

Rapley Photography

#3 Find a photographer you vibe with

Find a wedding photographer you feel comfortable around, as much as whose work you like. We spend all day with you, more than probably any other supplier. So you want a photographer who puts you at ease and who you enjoy conversation with!

Oliver Dixon Photography

Oliver Dixon Photographer - wedding day advice

Oliver Dixon Photographer

#4 Dont worry about everything being perfect

Take everything in, the day will fly as there’s so much going on. Couples often say to me afterwards that its a crazy blur and they wish they’d relaxed more and enjoyed it all more rather than worrying about other moments of the day being perfect or going round talking to 150 people

Joss Denham Photography

Joss Denham - Wedding Day Advice

Joss Denham Photography

#5 Comfort is key

I think comforts a big one on the wedding day. Weddings can be long days, you don’t want to be suffering all day due to the wrong shoes, dress or suit. Make sure you are fully confident its the right look and feel.

Joss Denham Photography

joss denham - wedding day advice


Bonus Wedding Day ADVICE (from recent brides!)

#6 Discuss Must-Haves!

Make a list of must-have shots (who you want photos with) and discuss them with your photographer beforehand.

Casey, 2018 Bride

#7 Golden Hour

If possible, try to schedule some of your portraits during the ‘golden hour’ – the hour before sunset or after sunrise – for that soft, golden lighting.

Amy, 2019 Bride

#8 Candid Moments

Some of the best photos are unplanned. Encourage your photographer to capture candid moments throughout the day.

Alice, 2023 Bride

#9 Prep the Bridal Suite

Make sure the room where the bride gets ready is tidy and well-lit, as this is often the backdrop for several photos of the morning

Eliza, 2021 Bride

#10 Get Shots of the Details

Ask your photographer capture the small details: rings, flowers, shoes, table settings, etc. The day goes by so quickly so you may not remember all these little things on the day, having it all to look back on will be worth it!

Bethany, 2022 Bride