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The cost of a wedding singer can vary widely, ranging from £300 to £3,000 or more. This price range is influenced by several factors, including the singer’s experience, reputation, location, and type of package you book (you will find most entertainers offer different types of packages depending on your needs!) Check out this blog to find out more.

Your wedding is exactly that, yours! So the main thing is to make sure you include the music you like at your wedding. As the wedding day enters different phases you are likely to alter the type of music. For example, the music in the evening is likely to be more upbeat to entice guests onto the dancefloor.

You are likely going to pay more for a wedding band due to the simple fact a band has more than one member, so the fee will be split further.

Yes, Wedding bands generally provide all their own equipment including instruments, PA sound system, microphones and amplifiers. Do discuss this with your band directly before booking though, just to make sure everything is covered.