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Wedding Entertainment Ideas: 16 Unique ideas that your guests will love

  • Posted 9 months ago

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Weddings are just fantastic, aren’t they!? Everybody is up for a good time and ready to celebrate… whether you are planning a low-key affair or a big shindig, you are going to want to make sure your guests are having fun.

How do I keep people entertained at my wedding?

Here at Go Book It, we have dug deep, done lots of research, and compiled a list of unique wedding entertainment ideas that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Let’s dive in and make your wedding unforgettable;

Interactive Wedding Photo Booths

Nothing gets people up and out of their seats quicker than a photo booth! Lots of companies will provide fun props alongside too. These photos will not only work as a great take-home keepsake, but it means you will have tonnes of extra fun photos from your wedding too! Win-Win!

How much does a Wedding Photo Booth cost?

We spoke to Snap Booth and they said “We offer a digital booth at £280 Our printing booth starts at £395 which gives 3 hours of unlimited personalized prints. With all packages including props, photo booth backdrop/ etc!”

Photobooth serving as great wedding entertainment. Group of guests smiling into camera

Wedding Smores Stand

If you are looking at ways to feed your guests whilst also doing something a little different, a wedding smores stand could be the one!

How much to hire a smores stand?

We spoke to Chocolate Falls, a weddings and events chocolate catering supplier and they quoted around £575 for around 100 people (2023 pricing).

How brilliant do their Smores Bars look?!

Chocolate Falls Supplier. Smores Bar

What do you need for a DIY smores stand?

To set up your DIY smores station, you’ll need a designated area with a safe and controlled open flame, such as a fire pit or portable fire bowl. Arrange a variety of marshmallow options, including traditional and flavored ones, along with an assortment of chocolate bars, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and even unique flavors like caramel or sea salt. Provide a selection of cracker options for the perfect smore experience! Additionally, you’ll want to supply long skewers or roasting sticks for toasting marshmallows, as well as napkins and plates for guests to assemble and enjoy their personalized s’mores. This DIY s’mores stand not only adds a touch of nostalgia to the wedding but also encourages guests to engage in a fun and delicious activity together!

Catch My Party

Wedding Limbo

Everyone loves the limbo! This game works very well as part of the drinks reception after the ceremony (whilst you and your bridal party are off taking photos!). You are probably going to want to find an area of soft grass (for the less flexible guests to fall on!)

Book a live band

Sounds obvious, but having a wedding band play on your big day is the surefire way to have your guests up dancing all night long. Wedding bands will often learn requests (ahead of time) so you could consider having them perform your first dance as a way to get the dancing started.

How much does a wedding band cost?

With so many factors to consider it is hard to give a set price. Prices can vary anything between £1200 – £3000 depending on how many people are in the band, location, type of music, experience at lots more!

Check out the musicians for hire on Go Book It here

Wedding Band playing to wedding guests outside

Hire a Silent Disco

Want to do something completely different on your wedding day? Have you considered a silent disco!? Picture the scene, all of your guests dancing away, then when you take your headphones off you can hear a pin drop (ok that may be slightly exaggerated..)!

Hire a Wedding Painter

Hire a wedding painter to come and capture your wedding and your beautiful guests in an unforgettable, artistic way!

Some wedding painters will focus mainly one one piece of art for the bride and groom to take home which will fully encapsulate the wedding day. Others can offer smaller, individual drawings of your guests which double up as wedding favours.

Surprise Performance Flash Mob

Do you consider yourself a bit of a performer? If so, a flashmob could be a cool way to start off the evening reception! Need a little bit of inspiration? Here is one of our favourites;

Lawn Games and Activities

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Giant Jenga, mini golf, beanbag toss, the list is endless when it comes to lawn games at your wedding. If you are planning on a summer wedding then these kinds of outdoor games can work very well as a little ‘in between’ before you sit down to eat. If you are looking for a way to create a relaxed atmospere while guests socialise in the sun, lawn games could be the one!

How much are lawn games to hire?

We spoke to Yorkshire Games Hire and this is what they said!

“We offer a few different package options but our full wedding games package with 6 lawn games is currently priced at £230 for full day hire.”

Hire an Ice cream van or cart

Icecream bike set up at a wedding

Who doesn’t love an ice cream? If you are planning a spring/summer wedding and want to do something a little different for dessert then hiring an ice cream truck should be on your list. Not only is it super family friendly but can be a relatively cost-effective way of offering desserts!

Cost of Hiring an Icecream Van

We spoke to Poppys Icecreams and here is what they charge for their vintage icecream bike:

  • £355 for up to 50 guests
  • £400 for up to 100 guests
  • £450 for up to 150 guests

Hire a Pizza Van

Having a pizza van parked out front is a great way to feed your evening guests. Everybody loves a pizza, right? Most suppliers will offer a couple of options and cater to pre warned dietary requirements so chat with your pizza van supplier if this applies to you.

Pizza Van parked outside a wedding


Hang a pinata up, fill it with sweeties, and watch the young ones flock to it! It should hopefully keep the kids busy for a short while!

Performances from friends & family

Love Karaoke but don’t want to fully open the floor? How about asking a couple of your funniest or most talented friends to put on a little performance? Speak to your venue if you don’t have a band already to see if they have microphones that you can borrow, if not, consider hiring a karaoke machine.

Hire Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are an incredible way of entertaining your guests. The premise is simple. They disguise themselves as waiters and break out into song mid-wedding. Watch all of your guests get the shock of their lives when their waiter starts to entertain the masses!

Check out the singing waiters on Go Book It here

Hire a Ceilidh band

Ceilidh, a traditional Gaelic social dance, creates an inclusive and lively atmosphere that encourages guests of all ages to hit the dance floor. The infectious rhythms of a live ceilidh band will add a unique and memorable element to your wedding, and the structured yet easy-to-follow dances ensure that everyone, regardless of their dancing prowess, can participate and have a great time!

Pimp your prosecco cart

A “Pimp Your Prosecco” cart is a pretty and interactive addition to any wedding, providing a personalized and celebratory touch to the festivities. To create the cart, set up a table with a selection of fresh fruits, flavored syrups, and a variety of garnishes such as edible flowers and herbs. Display an array of liqueurs like elderflower, peach, and raspberry to allow guests to customise their prosecco according to their taste preferences!

Hire a Magician

Wedding Magician, Revilo Twist performing magic on guests

Hiring a wedding magician is a brilliant way to add a touch of enchantment and wonder to your special day. A skilled magician can captivate and entertain your guests during lulls in the festivities, such as during photo sessions or transitions between events. A magician can seamlessly blend into the crowd, moving from table to table, or group to group, bringing moments of magic directly to your guests. This unique form of entertainment not only adds a memorable and sophisticated flair to the celebration but also provides an excellent icebreaker, encouraging guests to mingle and share in the enchantment together.

How much will a wedding magician cost?

We spoke to our featured wedding magician Revilo Twist and this is what he said!

“The cost of hiring a magician for weddings such as Revilo Twist Magic depends on a few key factors:

a. Performance Duration: Consider how long you’d like the magician to perform for and during which part of your special day you would like them to be present.

b. Location: Where you’re getting married matters. Usually the closer the magician is to your venue, the cheaper their cost will be. However, sometimes magicians in high demand areas will be more expensive than a magician willing to travel.

c. Season: Keep in mind that wedding seasons and other events can impact prices. Popular times may come with higher costs.”

So there you have our list of unique wedding entertainment ideas! Hopefully, you now feel very inspired and ready to make some decisions.

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