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Your wedding photos will be with you forever, so it’s important you find the right one. Check out some of our featured photographers and narrow down your favourites. Browse Wedding Photographers in Sheffield today!

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As frustrating as it is for your budget, there is no set pricing for a wedding photographer. Having a wedding photographer will generally cost anything between £1200-£3000 but there are lots of factors that will play into the price such as timings, experience, travel expenses, and whether or not you require any prints.

The good news though, is that according to Bridebooks survey in January 2023, wedding photographers in the North charge the lowest compared to all other parts of the UK! So, If there is ever a time to celebrate living in Sheffield, this is it!

As soon as possible. Most couples prioritise getting a good wedding photographer above all other suppliers which does mean that they get booked up quite far in advance. Our advice is to start contacting your favourite wedding photographers as soon as you have a date. Most will only require a deposit to save the date.

Most wedding photographers have different packages which you can choose from. These will vary in length. For example, a full day may include bridal prep but not sticking around for the first dance. It’s worth having a little think about the parts of the day you want pictures of and then chat to your photographer about your options and the packages available. 

Are photographers worth it?

In our opinion, having a good wedding photographer is as essential as it gets. Weddings can be expensive, we know, and whilst there are lots of things you can do without, we think a photographer should be something all couples prioritise. 

Once your wedding day is over, your wedding photos and memories are will be what remains.  So yes, we think wedding photographers worth it!

How Many Wedding Photographers do i need?

This is purely down to preference. Have a think about what kind of photos you want. Do you want getting ready photos in the morning for both sides? If so, think about whether that is possible with just one photographer.

Are you looking for just photographers or are you considering a videographer? If so, you are likely going to need two. However, do chat to your photographer as they often have teams and extra photographers who can jump in and help. 

Remember, when you book a supplier on Go Book It, you are booking directly with the source and supporting a small business. That means no agency fees or commissions to pay. Browse and book wedding photographers in Sheffield today!